ftc - floating precision texture compression

ftc texture compression systems. Fixed-rate texture compression systems for RGB and RGBA images, which use variable precision differential encoding for the color codewords, resulting in reduced compression artifacts, in particular for smooth color variations.


A C++ implementation of DSSIM. DSSIM is an image distance metric that corresponds better to the human perception than MAE or RMSE. It is derived from SSIM.

Older stuff

A shader unit

"A shader unit" proposes an architecture for a shader unit. I created a cycle-accurate simulator of the proposed shader unit implemented in SystemC and an assembler for it.

These slides have been used for a speech about "a shader unit".

Texture compression

I wrote an article on texture compression, documenting the state of texture compression today, comparing major texture compression systems and giving some information on the minor ones.

There are some slides of a speech on texture compression (German).

Other stuff

The SystemC model of the OpenGL pipeline is incomplete, but has most of the fragment pipeline.